Our web site is in the process of
being translated into English.
We will not attempt to translate it all at once; rather, we will upload
English versions of existing pages one by one, with a button at the
top of the French page linking it to its English counterpart, and vice-versa.

The following pages have been translated and put online:
How it works
How much does it cost?
Questions / Answers (FAQ)
How to join
Packages A, B and C
“Workweek” rate
“Network” rates

Others to follow.

In the meantime, you can browse through our press clippings.
The following are in English and are viewable online:

« Car-Sharing and Public Transportation: Together for a Sustainable Mobility », Public Transport International, November 2002. [16 pages, 200 k/page]
« Consider benefits of sharing a car », The Financial Post, October, 1999. [261 k]
« The ultimate car pool », The Gazette, Montréal, August 31, 1998, page C1. [92 k]
« A house of cars », The Gazette, August 31, 1998, page C6. [151 k]
« Rental agencies sign on », The Gazette, Montréal, August 31, 1998, page C7. [146 k]
« Communal cars take route in Canadian cities », The Financial Post, July 17, 1998. [135 k]


Communauto has at your disposal an English version of its information brochure which will be mailed to you upon request. It is also available online in PDF format (click image on the left to go to the download page).

For more info, call us...

Québec :  (418) 523-1788  info.quebec@communauto.com
Montréal :  (514) 842-4545  info.montreal@communauto.com
Sherbrooke :  (819) 843-6654  info.sherbrooke@communauto.com
Gatineau :  1-866-599-2999  info.gatineau@communauto.com

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April 26th, 2003