You can go anywhere you want with an Auto-mobile vehicle, as long as you bring it back to the Service Area after your trip (see Montreal and Quebec City maps). You must park your vehicle curb side on public property. Inside the Service Area, Auto-mobile vehicles may be parked in Resident-only zones and in any non-metered places which do not have any parking restrictions.

Two important exceptions apply to parking in Montreal:

If an Auto-mobile vehicle is parked in a metered zone during its use, the Subscriber is responsible for paying its cost. It is not possible to return a vehicle on a parking meter zone at the end of a trip. As it is also not permitted to return a vehicle in a zone with temporary restrictions (ex. Landing or designated bus lane) even if parking is permitted in this zone at the time you return. Close attention must be paid to temporary signage for snow removal in winter.

Auto-mobile is a system that can only function at its full potential if the users respect the rules. Remember that at all times it is essential to respect city regulations and avoid the following areas when you have finished using a vehicle:

Fire hydrants
Reserved zones for delivery or other commercial activity
Prohibited or towing zones
Underground parking
Metered or paid parking zones
Zones affected by future street cleaning operations
Zones affected by future snow removal operations
Alleys or other zones that are not curb side

At all times you will be able to see at the bottom of the screen to the left of the driver, whether you are inside the zone (“En zone”) or outside of it (“Hors zone”). You will not be able to release the vehicle (“libérer le véhicule”) at the end of a trip if the screen says you are outside the zone (see How it works). Some small sectors of the service area are sometime outside the zone. Please take this into account when releasing a vehicle.

Warning ! It is prohibited to leave an Auto-mobile vehicle in Quebec City if you took it in Montreal and vice-versa.
You must keep it for the entire length of your stay and bring it back to its original city. You are not allowed to park in Resident-only zones in the other city, as parking permits are different from one city to the other.