Auto-mobile’s Drop-Off Points

How to put preferred locations that are made available to you to good use.

Véhicule Auto-mobile

Locate the Drop-Off Point

In which you want to park and release your Auto-mobile. The clickable icon tells you the number of places and their location (these spaces cannot be reserved).

Block your Auto-mobile

Locate an Auto-mobile and block it from your smartphone or computer, so it is still there by the time you get to it.

icon parking véhicules électriques

Parking bans

Avoid fines and penalties. A "No Parking" icon indicates that parking is currently prohibited at this location. If an Auto-mobile is already there, you can take possession of it, but you cannot "release" it there.

icon parking véhicules électriques

Drop-Off Point’s Locations

Several Drop-Off Points are located on sites belonging to private or institutional partners (Radio-Canada, Montreal Bus Station, Université Laval...), but most them are located on the street, outlined by "403-405 sector" signs. Locate these panels. They are the ones that outline the beginning and the end of the reserved zone of each one of the Drop Off Points*. If all the places are occupied, you will need to go to another Drop-Off Point.

Stationement 405

*The sign with the arrow pointing towards the street identifies the beginning of the zone while the one whose arrow points towards the sidewalk identifies the end of the zone.

Share your experience with us

Do not hesitate to inform us if vehicles in violation are parked on our parking spots. This information will help us work with our different partners in search of a solution.