Communauto for business

Véhicules Communauto et Auto-mobile

Business carsharing is a great alternative to company cars and the perfect option for small, medium and large corporation that wish to offer their employees a possibility to make business trips at a very reasonable cost, without any hassle.

Multiple advantages:

  • Substantial savings on your organization’s transportation costs.
  • A concrete sustainable development measure for any organization dedicated to act responsibly for the environment.
  • A reduction in the amount of space needed for vehicles in our cities.
  • Simplified travel and fulfilled employees.

Your corporate subscription gives you access to both our carsharing services:
Communauto, with reservation and Auto-mobile, without reservation, at preferred rates. It is the perfect combination for your business transportation needs, whether they are planned or spontaneous.

How it works

  • Sign up your business in 3 easy steps

    1. Choose the Value Plan option that suits you best, decide how many accounts your business needs and choose the deductible option in case of at-fault incident.
    2. Designate the authorized drivers. Only they are allowed to use Communauto’s vehicles. There is no limit to the number of authorized drivers that may be added to an account.
    3. Communicate with a member of our team by phone or email to complete your subscription or answer your questions.
  • How to use a vehicle

    You can access our fleet of over 1200 vehicles 24/7!

    • Book the car at your preferred station online or over the phone for a half-hour, an hour, a day or more. Online reservations are free (phone reservations: $1.50 per reservation, $2.50 in the evening).
    • Pick up your car at the selected time and station.
    • Use the designated vehicle and bring it back to the original station at the end of your reservation.
  • The costs

    Every month, your business will receive an invoice detailing vehicle use costs. Gas, insurance and maintenance are included in your plan.

    Workweek Rate: Particularity for corporate users

    For reservations overlapping twelve thirty, the amount equivalent to two hours of use will be added to the basic rate of the Workweek rate.

The rates

  • Subscription fees

    Refundable membership fee: $500 per account*.

    The company must maintain a minimum of 2 (two) corporate accounts to retain its privilege of using vehicles.

  • • Annual fees, based on selected plan

    Value Extra: $200 per account.
    Value Plus: $100 per account.
    Value: $40 per account.
  • Deductible reduction

    $0 per accident: $60 per account.
    $300 per accident: $45 per account.
    $600 per accident: $1 per trip.

Additional Information

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