Communauto, Québec parking

Adopt an Auto-mobile this winter

As you already know, it is forbidden to park curbside in Quebec City between 11PM and 7AM (with the exception of certain areas where it is from 9 pm) some during snow removal operations. The Auto-mobile cars must find shelter for the night. Adopt one during snow removal and enjoy a free use period ! You can also receive $20 in credits for future trips during major operations. The exact offer is confirmed by email on each snow removal operation.

Discover all the details for an adoption below.

What exactly is an adoption?

During a snow removal operation led by the city of Quebec, adopt an Auto-mobile by parking it in an authorized location for the night, and bringing it back in the service area snow removal is complete.

Your Auto-mobile trip will be free (if 100km or less) if it is fully comprised in the free-use period. When included, the $20 credit applicable on your future Communauto and/or Auto-mobile trips (trips must be made before June 1st, 2017) will also be added to your account. The exact offer is confirmed by email on each snow removal operation.

How do I know when use is free?

An email will be sent after each snowfall to notify you of specific start and end times for the free-use period, and whether a $20 credit for future use is included or not.

What are the authorized parking locations?

You will be allowed to park your Auto-mobile anywhere legally authorized, off curbside during snow clearing operation. This includes:

  • A residential parking spot;
  • An authorized INDIGO or SPAQ parking;
  • A space you will be able to book in advance in a Communauto station (details to come);
  • Any other legal parking location in Quebec City.

Parking locations map

Who pays for parking?

Communauto pays the cost of parking up to $ 25:

  • A prepaid parking card which can only be used in INDIGO or SPAQ parkings is available in Auto-mobile glove compartments to cover the cost of parking ;
  • For other paid locations, the parking fee is reimbursed up to 25$, in the same way used when users refill gas tanks.

What happens if I use an Auto-mobile and a snow removal operation is announced by the City?

Any subscriber who uses an Auto-mobile after or passed 7PM while a snow removal operation is announced by the City will be responsible for parking it in an authorized location for the night, then release it in the service area once snow removal is complete. A subscriber who takes possession of a vehicle when a snow removal warning is in effect and releases it curbside will be responsible for towing costs.

Adopt once, adopt always?

Nothing obligates you to adopt an Auto-mobile after a snowstorm. However, if you do use an Auto-mobile when a snow removal operation has been announced, make sure to release it by 7PM. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the vehicle until the next morning.

Why 7PM? We simply need to make sure we have enough time to move the remaining vehicles before receiving a ticket and being towed!

How to block an authorized parking space in a Communauto station?

Some of the authorized parking locations on the map are spaces in Communauto stations (green markers). You can block such spaces through the web app only (and not on the iPhone app).
Once you have blocked your vehicle, you need to select “Reserve a parking” under SNOW REMOVAL OPERATION. You will then be redirected to the map where you will be able to see how many parking spaces are available in each station. Click “Reserve my parking” in the station of your choice. You will then have 30 minutes to get there.

If you leave the map, you can get back to it by clicking on the blue link of your ongoing reservation in the web app’s menu. You will be able to cancel your parking reservation or find it again on the map to see its exact location.

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