Communauto, Advice for a worry-free winter

All our vehicles are equipped with winter tires, snow brushes and shovels.

Auto-mobile vehicles

Close attention must be paid to temporary signage for snow removal in winter. Avoid leaving vehicles in snow removal zones, clearly indicated by orange signs installed. If possible, park where snow has already been cleared.


During snowstorms, Montreal and Quebec City users will be informed of any specific instructions in regards to the SNOW REMOVAL promotion (minute credits and/or reduced rates).

Snow removal policy

During winter, a credit of up to 15 minutes is applied for snow removal. During this period, you will only start paying for your trip when you start driving or 15 minutes after having accessed the vehicle with your OPUS card, whichever comes first.

The snow removal credit will not apply if your trip is billed at your Communauto package’s basic rate.

Quick tips to get through winter

Allow for more time!

Winter comes with its share of surprises. To avoid being late, we suggest you plan a little extra time or consider extending your reservation.

Quick tip: show up a little earlier if it snowed and you must shovel, so you won’t lose reservation time!

Auto-mobile vehicles: a credit of up to 15 minutes is applied to trips for snow removal.

Make sure you remove all the snow

Remove all the snow around and on the vehicle before driving away, including the hood, roof, and headlights. Don’t forget to de-ice the windshield-wipers. If they remain stuck, they might break, at your expense.

Pay attention to parking signage

You are not permitted to abandon the vehicle at an unauthorized location – just as though it was your own car.

Pay close attention to temporary signage for snow removal.

Don't forget gas and windshield washer

As usual, do make sure the gas tank is at least a quarter full when you return the vehicle.

If you use all of the windshield-wiper fluid in the tank, it must be refilled. As for gas, this expenditure will be credited to your account. Please only use cold weather windshield washer (-40°), year-round.


To fight condensation in an efficient manner, it’s advised to set the air intake dial to exterior rather than recirculation. Otherwise, the interior windows will remain covered in mist.

ABS brakes

All of our vehicle are equipped with antilock breaks (ABS). If you feel a vibration in the brake pedal when you brake on a slippery road, it is probably because the antilock brakes are in action.

Electric vehicles range

The use of air conditioning and heating significantly reduce the range of electric vehicles. We recommend using heated seats and steering wheel when the option is available, as it uses less energy than conventional heating system. Also be attentive if you drive at high speed over a long distance.

We suggest you opt for the ECO mode as it will offer more range and allow you increase energy recovery when braking or when releasing the accelerator pedal.

In both winter and summer, make sure you have at least 15 kilometer range left when you release the vehicle.

In the case of Auto-mobile vehicles, available WITHOUT reservation, the Communauto team charges them periodically all the while optimizing vehicle availability. You don’t have to worry about bringing them back to a charging pod. In the case of vehicles available WITH reservation, it is your responsibility to bring the vehicle back to its charging pod at the end of your trip, otherwise the next user won’t be able to use the vehicle. Penalties apply when this aspect is not respected (Take a look at section 3.1 of the Appendix – Penalties and other fees)

Please be considerate

Please shake off your boots and the car mats to avoid snow or water accumulations in the cars.

...And drive safely!

It can never be said enough: you must drive carefully and slowly, brake well in advance etc. Don’t hesitate to refresh your knowledge on starting up a car in cold weather, by reading the manual located in the glove box of all our cars

Download the printable version

Christmas and New Year’s Reservations

The following restrictions only apply to the regions of Montreal and Quebec City.

Montréal: 24-25-31 December and January 1st
Québec: 24-25 December

In order to maximize availability of our vehicles, reservations at the Long Distance rate that include December 24th and 25th or December 31st and January 1st must count a minimum of four days. Shorter reservations during this period will be possible at your package’s basic rate or will be forwarded to one of our rental partners.

To ensure fairness, if a trip reserved at the Long Distance rate under the conditions above is shortened below four days, a penalty will apply (50% of the cost of the cancelled portion of the trip).

Note: The penalty will only apply to the days or portions of days that fall below the four day minimum (e.g.: a five day trip shortened to three will only lead to a one day penalty and not two).

Reservations during the Holidays

Cars book fast over the Holidays. The earlier you reserve, the greater your chances will be to have a car for this period. Do keep in mind restrictions apply for Christmas and New Year’s.

Don’t hesitate to make the most of our partnerships with Network Reservation partner rental agencies (restrictions may apply).

Auto-mobile vehicles are also available for your last minute needs!