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Nisan Leaf Communauto

Exclusive offer to the participants!

  • Enjoy unlimited access to the STM bus and métro service.
  • Benefit two trips (30 min or less) for the price of just one, offered by the carsharing service BIXI.
  • Try out Communauto’s free-floating carsharing service, Auto-mobile, for free for the duration of the conference.

Plan your trips

Locate and block a Communauto electric vehicle

An OPUS card will be given to participants on the Movin’On site. This card gives unlimited access to the entire métro and bus network*. To plan your trips or view schedules, download the Chrono, Transit Apps or visit stm.info.

Go to the BIXI-Communauto-STM kiosk located at the Hangar, in front of the information booth, with your OPUS card and your driver’s license to sign up for the offer. Find the cars available on your computer or your smartphone. Block your car on the App (iOS or Android) or the web site.

Locate one of the 540 BIXI stations, including around 10 near the Arsenal. Follow the procedure listed on the BIXI card given to all participants to take advantage of your 2 trips of 30 min and less for the price of one.

* Transit fare cards are courtesy of the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) in collaboration with STM, and also give access to trains and bus networks in the greater Montreal area (RTM, RTL and STL).

Use your OPUS card

Get a Communauto electric vehicle

Go to your car without hurry. The car is blocked for you for 30 minutes. Once at the vehicle, place your OPUS card on the reader located on the windshield to access the vehicle.

Use your OPUS card for all your trips in metro, bus or train in the greater Montreal area, from May 30th to June 1st, 2018, including the 747 Centre-ville / P.-E.-Trudeau Airport shuttle.


Get around and complete your trip

Use your Occasionnelle card to access the Communauto electric vehicle

Enjoy your ride without worrying about bringing the vehicle back to a specific place or time. To end your trip, put the ignition key back in its box in the glove compartment and place your OPUS card on the reader in order to lock the doors.

Drive freely through Montreal neighborhoods and when you're done, bring your BIXI to the station of your choice. Make sure you see the green light when you put the BIXI back on.