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Enjoy unlimited Auto-mobile trips of 30 minutes or less for a whole month.

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Thanks to this exceptional offer from Communauto, drive with peace of mind. All your Auto-mobile trips that last 30 minutes or less are included in a flat fee… and so are gas and insurance, as usual!

To enjoy free rides, you must allow for a 45 minutes break between the end of your last trip and the beginning of the next one (including "blocked" time).

A car... without the hassle

With just one click, select the Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass. No matter when you decide to take it, it is valid for a month from the selected starting date.


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Auto-mobile + Monthly pass $ 50  = Auto-mobile unlimited

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With this exceptional offer, enjoy unlimited Auto-mobile trips of 30 minutes or less for a whole month.

With just one click, select the Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass. No matter when you decide to take it, it is valid for a month from the selected starting date.

Renewable as needed, with no obligation.


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Value Extra Plan

In addition to benefiting the best rates at Communauto, subscribers to our Value Extra Plan get to enjoy the Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass for free!

Subscribe to our Value Extra Plan by June 30th, 2017 and enjoy your Auto-mobile trips of 30 minutes or less for free! Offer valid for one-year starting from the date of subscription or plan renewal.

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Subscribe to our Value Plan or Value Plus Plan and get a $10 rebate on the Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass.

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Add the Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass to your plan only when you need it for just $50 per month.

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To obtain your pass:

  1. Log on to your personal account.
  2. Locate the Auto-mobile Unlimited option in the Personal Information section of your member profile.
  3. Select the desired starting date or dates.
  4. Drive!

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Terms and conditions

Update on December 19th 2016

  1. 1) The Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass allows you to enjoy unlimited Auto-mobile trips of 30 minutes or less for a whole month for free. Your trips become billable starting on the 31st minute.
  2. 2) Free Auto-mobile trips apply to the first billable 30 minutes of your trip. You remain eligible to all other credits that may apply when you use an Auto-mobile : 30 free minutes to get to the vehicle once it has been blocked (not invoiced), credit of up to 15 minutes for snow removal, 20 free minutes when you stop for gas (see conditions).
  3. 3) Consecutive use of vehicles: in order to enjoy the 30 free minutes of use, you must allow for a period of 45 minutes after the end of a trip before blocking or using a vehicle once more. The same time limit applies for a successive use of the same vehicle by a cosubscriber or an authorized driver working for the same employer.
  4. 4) The Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass is offered with no additional fee to subscribers to the Value Extra Plan. For the subscribers to other packages, you can get it for as little as:
    • Auto-mobile free basic subscription plan :$50/month
    • Open Plan subscribers: $50/month
    • Value and Value Plus Plan subscribers : $40/month
    • Value Extra Plan subscribers : $0/month (the Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass in included in your plan’s rate)
  5. 5) The use of a pass may be suspended with no credit, reimbursement or extension of the validity period in case of non-compliance with the terms of the Membership Contract and the Rules & Regulations for the use of vehicles (late payment, balance in excess of $500, debit failure, etc.).

How to obtain an Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass

  1. 6) If you haven’t joined Communauto yet, get your Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass by signing up online.
  2. 7) If you already are a client at Communauto, log on to your personal account and locate the Auto-mobile Unlimited in the Personal information section of your member profile.
  3. 8) You can purchase an Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass at any time during a month. Your pass is effective immediately or on the date / time of your choosing. Repeat if you want to immediately obtain passes for the following months. They will be charged by the unit and at their starting date.
  4. 9) You can cancel a pass at any moment, given its starting date / time is not passed.
  5. 10) Once the starting date/time has passed, it is not possible to cancel a pass or get a refund.

Offer validity

  1. 11) Offer valid from September 2, 2015.
  2. 12) Offer valid for one (1) year for Value Extra Plan subscribers.
    • Starting on the effective date (September 2, 2015) for all registered subscribers to Value Extra Plan at that date.
    • From the date of subscription to the Value Extra Plan for any new subscription or plan change made before June 30th 2017 at 11:45 PM.
  3. 13) Communauto reserves the right to change its rates prices and / or terms and conditions at any time using a 30-day notice. If the Member can refuse this modification by terminating the contract, by sending a written notice to that effect no later than 30 days following the entry into force of the amendment.