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Would you enjoy the option to travel by train, and on arrival at your destination, continue your trip by car? ? Sign up for free to the Train + Car package and get your train ticket and access to one of Communauto's self-service cars at a reduced price. Sustainable transport has never been so lucrative!

The Train+Car combo is also available as an option to all subscribers of our A, B, C or Le Lièvre packages.

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Add $25 for each additional 24-hour period, up to a maximum of 72 hours. More details

Où se trouvent les véhicules les plus près des gares ?

1. Register
Register onlinefor the Train + Auto package by inserting the promotional code: “TRAIN” in the corresponding box. To complete your registration, send the required documents to Communauto by mail. Resident of Ottawa? Subscribe via VRTUCAR.

2. Reserve
Reserve your car and buy your train ticket by logging into Reservauto, Communauto's reservation system, with your membership number and password. Réservauto allows you to access Communauto vehicles in Quebec and, for subscribers older than 23 years, VRTUCAR vehicles in Ottawa.

3. Take the train
Take the train at a discounted price, and travel in the comfort you can expect from VIA Rail Canada.

4. Pick up your car
Cars are available at train stations or in hundreds of other parking stations. No need for you to go to a counter or speak to an agent, your membership gives you direct access to our fleet of self-service cars!

5. Drive your car!
You may use your self-serve car for up to 72 hours before returning it to the station from where you picked it up.

Would you like to know more about other Communauto packages and how self-service car use works?
For the province of Quebec : consult the Communauto web site • For Ottawa : consult the VRTUCAR web site

How much does it cost?

Want to use a communauto for more than 24 hours?
Add an additional $25 per 24 hours, up to a maximum of 72 hours.

Où se trouvent les véhicules les plus près des gares ?

But you are not limited to just these stations! As a Train + Auto subscriber, you have access to over a thousand self-serve vehicles available throughout Quebec via Communauto's network and throughout Ottawa via VRTUCAR's network.