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Discover an electric carsharing pioneer

First North American carsharing company to offer a large electric fleet.

For the past 22 years, Communauto has been driven by its social, environmental and urban mission. Our # 1 goal? Making carsharing as accessible as possible in order to reduce the number of privately owned cars, thus having a real impact on the environment and the way our cities evolve. We want to make sure that every car on the road is used to its full capacity and we believe that sharing them is the best way to get there. We see carsharing as a key player in the global sustainable mobility offer, which is why we were the first carsharing company in North America to develop combined offers with public transportation, bike sharing, rental companies, train and taxi...

We are not only the oldest carsharing company in North America, we were also the first to introduce a large fleet of electric vehicles. In 2011, 100% electric vehicles with city speed or highway capability were not commercially available in Canada. The first electric vehicles of this kind to become commercially available were acquired by Communauto.

A year later, all of Communauto’s members, tens of thousands of Quebecers, had access to an electric vehicle. Since then, over 55,000 trips have been made, totalling almost 1,000,000 km. We are proud to say that our EV carsharing model has not only revolutionized consumer choices in the mobility market but has also contributed to the democratization of its access.

With this kind of innovative approach, Communauto can proudly state that it has helped demystify electric mobility with its inclusive commercial approach. Our ambition is simple: bringing electric mobility to the masses through carsharing and keep reducing our environmental impact.

Most of all, we believe that our carsharing model is synonymous with excellence and must benefit as many cities as possible. Which is why, in the past 5 years, we launched our service in 3 major Canadian cities as well as overseas, in Paris, France. This isonly the beginning. We strive to be the best, and the first, in every venture we take on.

“Our unique expertise and recent accomplishments clearly demonstrate Communauto’s leadership and ability to have a real impact on the environment and on the way people relate to urban mobility today”

Benoit Robert, Communauto CEO and founder.

Benoit Robert, Communauto CEO and founder